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About Us

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What is a Primary Care Network?

  • Groups of general practices working together to focus on local patient care, established July 2019.

  • Working with other health and care organisations and their communities to provide better and more integrated services to improve population health and wellbeing.

  • Vehicles for investment eg. improving patient access to health and wellbeing services.  NHS England workforce and development funding to support GP resilience and improve patient care.

  • Alleviate workload pressures on existing practice staff, so that general practice can be sustainable and thrive.

  • Deliver the Government’s commitment to improving patient access to quality healthcare services.

3 Valleys Health Primary Care Network

9 GP Practices (11 sites) in rural North East Somerset with 68,000 patients and c400 staff.
Our Practices

Focus for 2022…

  • Deliver NHS England service specifications: Early Cancer Diagnosis, Medication Reviews, Health in Care Homes.

  • Continue to grow our practice based PCN support workforce.

  • Projects; Green/Social Prescribing, Group Consultations, Time for Care - improving patient access to health services,  Services for Young People and links with local schools, Clinical Patient Research.

  • Building strong relationships with local community and organisations.

Sunset in the Woods
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